“Unlock the investment potential in your assets, grow your wealth and control your financial future”

Entello is a boutique financial planning and investment advisory business. We specialise in creating off-farm investing strategies for primary producers and the rural sector.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the tools and knowledge to navigate the economic landscape to achieve their financial independence.

By providing tailored, comprehensive financial planning strategies, we help optimise wealth potential during both the bumper and the lean seasons. This enables our clients to manage their time and their money more productively, allowing their investment confidence to grow.


For over 12 years, Entello has been providing financial planning & investment services to primary producers and regional communities throughout Australia. We take the time to understand our clients’ needs and challenges and work with them on an ongoing basis to help them achieve their financial goals.


Our investment philosophy focuses on direct investment and the economic clock remains integral to our approach. The Economic clock depicts the sequence of events in an economic cycle that influences the value of each asset class but in an ever changing world, it is critical to overlay this model with other criteria so we can plan with confidence.

Why direct investments?

Entello promotes a direct investment approach which enables you to control how you wish to invest your money across asset classes. This ensures your investment portfolio is tailored to suit your individual financial goals.

The use of managed funds may be appropriate in some circumstances, (this is where your money is pooled with other investors), this is determined on an individual basis.

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